First XiRel Workshop

The Center for Computation & Technology will held the first XiRel workshop that will bring together researchers from LSU, Rochester Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, and the Albert-Einstein Institute from Germany.

Agenda: Wednesday (Jan 23rd)

Session 1 (Lead by Dr. Allen)

  8:30AM Breakfast and agenda review
  9:00AM General vision and scope of the project
  9:30AM Development needs (round table discussion involving all participants)
  10:00AM Break
  10:30AM Benchmarking activities and computational part of each group’s code
  12:30PM Lunch

Session 2 (Lead by Dr. Schnetter)

  2:00PM Carpet
  3:00PM AMR enablement of Carpet
  4:00PM Break
  4:30PM Performance: hybrid MPI+OpenMP programming and LoopControl
  5:30PM Einstein Toolkit
  6:00PM Social events, dinner

Thursday (Jan 24th)

Session 3 (Lead by Dr. Hinder)

  8:30AM Breakfast
  9:00AM Kranc, short demonstration
  10:00AM Spacetime evolution with McLachlan
  11:00AM Hydro integration
  12:15PM Lunch meeting with LSU numrel group.

Session 4 (Lead by Dr. Allen)

  2:00PM BBH Factory and other production tools
  3:00PM Next generation Cactus tools
  4:00PM Break
  4:30PM User support for Cactus, Carpet and other tools
  5:30PM Overall Summary from Dr Allen and Dr. Schnetter
  6:30PM Dinner, social events

Friday (Jan 25th)

Technical discussions and code writing
Tentative: hand-on tutorials on BBH Factory and Kranc.


  • Louisiana State University:
    • Gabrielle Allen
    • Peter Diener
    • Frank Loeffler
    • Erik Schnetter
    • Jian Tao
    • Mayank Tyagi
    • Burkhard Zink
    • Enrique Pazos
  • Albert Einstein Institute:
    • Denis Pollney
    • Christian Reisswig
  • Rochester Institute of Technology:
    • Yosef Zlochower
  • Penn State University:
    • Ian Hinder

23 Jan 2008 — elena