Download Cactus


Required Optional
Perl MPI
C, C++ F90
CPP ctags/etags
GNU make Python
svn, git  

Getting the Code

Cactus is maintained using git. The preferred method is to use the GetComponents script along with a thornlist as described below. We maintain a page of basic thornlists, but you can use your own customized thornlist.

Download GetComponents and make sure it is executable.

wget --no-check-certificate
chmod a+x GetComponents

To checkout the Cactus flesh and required thorns, choose and save one of our ThornLists (or provide your own) and issue the command:

./GetComponents <thornlist-url>


The Cactus Code is (C) Copyrighted by the individual Authors and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Most of the computational packages that come with it follow this license, but the authors of any thorn are free to follow any licensing they deem appropriate as long as they state it explicitly in their thorn distribution.