CFD Cactus toolkit used in the study of pollutant/chemical dispersion in urban cityscapes

In March 2007, three CCT undergraduate research students presented their work at the annual conference of Louisiana Academy of Science (2007), held this year on the campus of Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge.

Razvan Carbunescu’s research work with the CFD Toolkit involved the simulation of pollutant dispersion (simulated as a passive scalar) in an urban environment (a mock setup of 1 chimney and 4 boxes representing buildings). The research involved all main components of the CFD Toolkit as well as the basic Cactus Thorns. The presentation at LAS also included earlier work and results from jets-in-crossflow (JICF) and flow past CCT that make up part of the pollutant dispersion problem. The pollutant simulation was succesfully ran and presented the main salient features expected. The simulation was run at a very low reynolds number and on a coarse mesh so finer features in the flow couldn’t be determined, this remainind the case of future study. More on his paper “Study of Pollutant Dispersion in Urban Environments” .

One of the main goals of the academy is encouraging research and education in all branches of science. Students and scientists from all of Louisiana’s public and private colleges and universities are invited to present posters, short papers, or give invited talks at the annual conference held on March.

9 Apr 2007 — elena