Success with the PARAMESH Grant

PARAMESH Grant for the development of a Cactus driver.

Recently, NASA awarded an STTR grant to a collaboration of Decisive Analytics Corporation (DAC) and Louisiana State University (LSU). In this project, we will design and implement a Cactus driver which is based on Paramesh, a parallel adaptive mesh refinement library. This project is called “Parca”, a mixture of the words “Cactus” and “Paramesh”.

A driver in Cactus manages storage for variables and implements communication for parallel processing. A driver is the heart piece for the efficient use of supercomputers. Parca will be a third driver for Cactus, next to PUGH, a highly efficient unigrid driver, and the mesh refinement driver Carpet. Parca will implement a somewhat different mesh refinement algorithm than Carpet, and will make the knowledge and experience that is build into Paramesh available to Cactus users.

Our partner at DAC is David Fiske, who received a PhD in numerical relativity from the University of Maryland. David Fiske will visit the CCT from June 5 to 9.

28 Jun 2006 — jeffd