Cactus moves from CVS to Subversion

In April 2010 several organization changes were made for the distribution of the Cactus Code. The main changes are:


Cactus has moved from using GetCactus for checking out Cactus to a new tool: GetComponents. The new thorn list language is not very different from the old, but it now directly contains information about the flesh and can include non-thorn utilities (e.g. SimFactory).

See the documentation page for a full description. Example new format thornlists are provided for the Cactus Computational Toolkit ( and the Einstein Toolkit (

CVS to Subversion

After using CVS for code development and distribution for over a decade, we have migrated to Subversion to take advantage of more capabilties. As with CVS, Subversion has the concept of a single, central repository.

The command line tool ‘svn’ has similar sub-commands to cvs, e.g. svn checkout svn diff svn update svn commit

The server will not be used in the future. All repositories hosted at this server have been migrated to This new server can be accessed using a Subversion client or viewed using a web client (pointed to Read-only access to some of the repositories is also available using http.

The Cactus flesh can now be found using the URL

The Cactus arrangements can be found using where ARRANGEMENT/THORN could e.g. be CactusBase/Time.

Projects which are not directly maintained by the Cactus team but are hosted on the cactuscode server (found under /arrangements in CVS) can be found at

Commit messages

Commit messages will in the future go to the mailing list Subscribed users to old lists have been copied over to this new list.

Thorns moving

Some previously external thorns have been included into Cactus, and some former Cactus thorns (CactusEinstein) have been moved to a separate project (EinsteinToolkit). The following table summarizes the old and new locations of thorns which have moved, and includes thorns moving into the Einstein Toolkit. A very small number thorns changed name, also indicated in this table.

Old arrangement Thorn New arrangement (New thorn name)
AEIDevelopment InterpToArray CactusNumerical
AEIThorns AHFinderDirect EinsteinAnalysis
AEIThorns CalcK EinsteinAnalysis
AEIThorns Constants EinsteinBase
AEIThorns Dissipation CactusNumerical
AEIThorns EHFinder EinsteinAnalysis
AEIThorns Exact EinsteinInitialData
AEIThorns Formaline CactusUtils
AEIThorns Fortran CactusBase
AEIThorns IDConstraintViolate EinsteinInitialData
AEIThorns IDFileADM EinsteinInitialData
AEIThorns Nice CactusUtils
AEIThorns NoExcision EinsteinInitialData
AEIThorns Noise CactusNumerical
AEIThorns Norms CactusNumerical
AEIThorns ReflectionSymmetry CactusNumerical
AEIThorns RotatingSymmetry180 CactusNumerical
AEIThorns RotatingSymmetry90 CactusNumerical
AEIThorns SphericalSurface CactusNumerical
AEIThorns TwoPunctures EinsteinInitialData
Excision LEGOExcision EinsteinEvolve
PerturbedBH DistortedBHIVP EinsteinInitialData
PerturbedBH IDAxiOddBrillBH EinsteinInitialData
PerturbedBH RotatingDBHIVP EinsteinInitialData
BetaThorns Cartoon2D CactusNumerical
CactusBase MoL CactusNumerical
CactusEinstein ADMAnalysis EinsteinAnalysis
CactusEinstein ADMBase EinsteinBase
CactusEinstein ADMConstraints EinsteinAnalysis
CactusEinstein ADMCoupling EinsteinBase
CactusEinstein ADMMacros EinsteinBase
CactusEinstein AHFinder EinsteinAnalysis
CactusEinstein CoordGauge EinsteinBase
CactusEinstein Extract EinsteinAnalysis
CactusEinstein HydroBase EinsteinBase
CactusEinstein IDAnalyticBH EinsteinInitialData
CactusEinstein IDAxiBrillBH EinsteinInitialData
CactusEinstein IDBrillData EinsteinInitialData
CactusEinstein IDLinearWaves EinsteinInitialData
CactusEinstein SpaceMask CactusNumerical
CactusEinstein StaticConformal EinsteinBase
CactusEinstein TmunuBase EinsteinBase
CactusEOS EOS_Base EinsteinBase
CactusEOS EOSG_Base EinsteinBase
CactusEOS EOSG_Hybrid EinsteinEOS
CactusEOS EOSG_IdealFluid EinsteinEOS
CactusEOS EOSG_Polytrope EinsteinEOS
CactusEOS EOS_Hybrid EinsteinEOS
CactusEOS EOS_Ideal_Fluid EinsteinEOS (EOS_IdealFluid)
CactusEOS EOS_Polytrope EinsteinEOS
CIGR Hydro_Analysis EinsteinAnalysis
CIGR Whisky EinsteinEvolve (GRHydro)
CIGR Whisky_Init_Data EinsteinInitialData (GRHydro_InitData)
CIGR Whisky_TOVSolverC EinsteinInitialData (TOVSolver)
LSUThorns ID_Bin_BH EinsteinInitialData (Meudon_Bin_BH)
LSUThorns ID_Bin_NS EinsteinInitialData (Meudon_Bin_NS)
LSUThorns ID_Mag_NS EinsteinInitialData (Meudon_Mag_NS)
LSUThorns NewRad EinsteinEvolve
TAT Periodic CactusNumerical
TAT Slab CactusNumerical
TAT SlabTest CactusNumerical
TAT TGRtensor EinsteinUtils
Waves Multipole EinsteinAnalysis
Waves WeylScal4 EinsteinAnalysis

Apr 26 2010 — Frank Löffler