ygraph: Animated, Easy Client for 1D Line Plots

ygraph is a freely available, lightweight and easy to use visualization client for viewing 1D data files. It includes features for animation, zooming and saving to postscript. (Also see the page for xgraph.)

ygraph was developed by Denis Pollney, based on the xgraph package. The source code can be obtained from the Subversion repository https://svn.cactuscode.org/VizTools/ygraph/trunk.

XGraph Image

Using ygraph

ygraph can be used to view one or multiple 1D data files with the format

0.0  0.0
0.2  0.04
0.4  0.16
0.6  0.36
0.8  0.64
1.0  1.0

0.0  0.0
0.2 -0.04
0.4 -0.16
0.6 -0.36
0.8 -0.64
1.0 -1.0

Such files can be created with the Cactus thorns CactusBase/IOASCII and CactusBase/IOBasic

Viewing files is as easy as typing

ygraph <data filename> <data filename>

The are several options for customising aspects of and using ygraph, a manpage can be built from the source, or type ygraph --help for more information.

If you are using thorn CactusConnect/HTTPD you can setup your browser to automatically view any advertised ygraph files. Instructions on how to do this are provided in the WebServer-HOWTO.

Getting Hold of ygraph

Binaries and source code for ygraph are all available from the ygraph subversion repository.

Compilation of ygraph on Macs

Thanks to Bruno Giacomazzo we have a step-through-like tutorial on how to compile ygraph on Macs:

  1. install svn, gtk+, gtk+2 and gtk+2-dev with Fink
  2. svn co https://svn.cactuscode.org/VizTools/ygraph/trunk ygraph
  3. cd ygraph
  4. gettextize -c --no-changelog --intl
  5. aclocal -I m4
    (suggested by gettextize)
  6. touch ABOUT-NLS
    (otherwise it complains that this file doesn’t exist)
  7. autoreconf -i
  8. ./configure --disable-gtktest
    (otherwise it comlplains that gtk2 doesn’t have gtk-config)
  9. edit src/Makefile and change gcc into gcc -arch i386 (otherwise Mac complains that the libraries installed via Fink are incompatible)
  10. ln -s intl/libintl.rc intl/libintl.a
  11. make
    (this will create the ygraph executable in the src subdirectory)


Please direct questions about ygraph to denis.pollney@gmail.com