IsoView - The lightweight IsoSurfacer Visualization Client


Current Version: 2.0 RC1

IsoView version 2 was developed to replace IsoView version 1, which was heavily dependent on VTK. IsoView version 2 uses pure OpenGL to handle rendering, making it very lightweight. IsoView V2 is a visualization client originally developed for the CactusCode project at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and now is maintained and developed at Louisiana State University.


IsoView Other


  • Get the IsoView source
  • Untar the package and enter the IsoView directory
  • Alter the make file, changing the second line to match your TCPXX installation
  • If you did NOT install fltk to its normal place, or it is not in your path, you will need to edit the makefile some more
  • At this point, if everything is setup correctly, and the code gods smile, then all you should need to do is 'make'
Updating the WaveToy Demo If you did not checkout IsoSurface from the development branch of CVS, you will need to update your IsoSurfacer.c file. You will also need to update your parameter file.
  • Get the IsoSurface.c file, and place it in: Cactus/arrangements/CactusPUGHIO/IsoSurfacer/src, overwriting the current file
  • Now download and use the new parameter file

Tested Platform

  • Slackware 10.0 - 2.6.10 on i686 using MESA
  • OS 10.3 - 7.6.0 on a PowerBook G4

Known Issues

  • You may see some warnings about using deprecated functions during compile. These are related to TCPXX, and I have no control over them.
  • When steering, some IsoValues result in very strange results. I believe this is a bug with IsoSurfacer or the simulation, not IsoView.


Please e-mail bug reports to: iwsmith(at)cct(dot)lsu(dot)edu