Mailing Lists

The news list is used to broadcast Cactus related events, interesting news and new releases. The users list is a discussion forum for those using the standard releases of Cactus. The developers list is a higher volume list for discussing new developments, details of patches, and much else. The patch list should be used to submit patches to the Cactus team.

News items:
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Discussion list for users:
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Discussion list for all developers:
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Cactus maintainer mailing list:

This list is not public. You can send questions, comments, or complaints to this list which you do not want to make in public.

Patch list:
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This list is only for patches. Anything sent to patches will be forwarded to the developers list with attachments removed, but a link left in so you can get the patch. If you want to get the patch mailed to you, please subscribe to the patches mailing list.

For more information on how to use this list, please read the patches information page.

Commit message list:
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This mailing list carries the commit messages from You can subscribe to them if you want to stay up to date with Cactus development. These lists are not meant for posting. If you are interested in past commit messages, you can query the Subversion server, or also look at the archives.