Generating ThornLists from Parameter Files

The MakeThornList script provides a way to generate a ThornList with all the required CVS directives needed for the GetCactus script to check out the thorns needed to run the parameter file.

Information on using a ThornList for checking out thorns including a description of CVS directives in available in the Management-HOWTO.

To install the MakeThornList script:

  1. Write a Master ThornList containing all the thorns you have access to, along with directives for their CVS locations. As an example, here is my master thornlist.
  2. Create a directory .cactus in your home directory.
  3. Add your Master ThornList to the .cactus directory, as the file MasterThornList.
  4. Download the MakeThornList script to a directory on your path.
  5. Keep your master thornlist up to date by adding and removing thorns as they become available to you.

To use the MakeThornList script

  1. To generate a ThornList for the parameter file MyRun.par simply issue the command

    MakeThornList MyRun.par
  2. Then checkout Cactus using